If you're like us, you may have some questions about the Power Rangers that the show just hasn't answered. Why do they only wear one outfit? What are they going to do once the world has been saved from the invading space armies? And why exactly did the Black Ranger suddenly become the Green Ranger in the new episodes?

Fortunately for you, we have the answers. During Comic-Con this year, ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims and Caleb Goellner sat down with the cast of Power Rangers Super Megaforce to get answers on all those questions, and even to hear the cast's thoughts on how their versions of the Rangers compare to the original Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger that the show is based on. And yes: You get to hear a Power Ranger cuss. It's as amazing as you think it is.

The cast of Super Megaforce includes Andrew Gray as Troy, the Red Ranger, John Mark Loudermilk as Noah, the Blue Ranger, Azim Rizik as Jake the Green (and occasionally Black) Ranger, Christina Masterson as Emma, the Pink Ranger, and Ciara Hanna as Gia, the Yellow Ranger, and the all new Silver Ranger, Orion, played by Cameron Jebo. Here they are with Chris and Caleb, who are definitely their new best friends.