I'm a pretty casual Buffy fan. I watched the final season kind of in passing (but I did see it all, by golly), I admittedly didn't catch much of "Angel," and I've been a little behind on the trades from the latest Dark Horse comics. So finding out that there's been a mysterious masked slayer called "Twilight" in the mix of late is news to me - and wonderful news at that.

Now, as CBR reports, Twilight's true identity is... President Obama?

Those cats at Dark Horse are a crafty lot, so I'm taking the confounding reveal with several grains of the kind of salt that people use to keep ghosts at bay, but it's still a pretty funny way to market the actual reveal set to take place in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" #3, which will be written by Brad Meltzer.

Twilight's proven himself (or possibly even "herself") to be a major threat. He's mentioned he knows Buffy from the past, demonstrated some serious power and seems to hate that there's scores of Slayers running around.

I don't recall the president having a stance on the supernatural, so it's possible an alternate version of Edward Cullen is really responsible for the Twilight attacks.

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