We've known since Comic-Con that Archie Comics would be bringing President Obama and political rival Sarah Palin to Riverdale to back opposing student government campaigns, but I'm not sure anybody was prepared for the idealistic town's effect on the pair on the cover of an upcoming issue. What other fictional locale could inspire the harmony that is sharing a chocolate shake (or perhaps even a malt) at Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe?As revealed by Archie's September solicitations, "Archie" #616 looks to more or less peacefully depict America's partisan political landscape in the first part of the "Campaign Pain" storyline, which hits stores December 22.

President Barack Obama and famed politician Sarah Palin get involved as Student Government campaigns spiral out of control at Riverdale High! The race between Archie and Reggie gets hot as campaign chaos reaches to the top, forcing an impromptu visit from these big-name politicos, who get pulled into the fray!

Check out the full cover below for an intense dose of Archie-tacular idealism.