Barack Obama and Rorschach aren't the likeliest of allies.

One is the President of the United States, and the other is a sociopathic masked vigilante. One campaigned for hope, the other instilled fear. We haven't seen Obama's reaction to the threat of Armageddon, but we sure know Rorschach's thoughts on the matter - and they ain't pretty.

But despite all this, the two titans are joining forces for one of the most important issues facing the world today: fashion decisions.

Rorschach is the subject of the latest Obama art mash-up in this red, white and blue "Watch" T-shirt. The shirt is on sale over at Tee Fury, but only for a limited time - as of this writing, you have a little less than seven hours to purchase the shirt, which isn't quite five minutes until midnight, but it's certainly close.

Really, the only thing this shirt is missing is a ketchup stain, but that's nothing a quick trip to your local drive-through won't fix. And hey, if you're going, could'ja pick me up a Frosty? Sweet, thanks.

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