If you're a Transformers junkie and you're also attending San Diego Comic-Con in a little over a week - yes, it's really coming up that soon - then you're in for a treat: the venerable gentlemen and ladies at Hasbro are bringing you two excruciatingly awesome Transformers action figures, exclusive to the San Diego show.

Up first is a Prowl Mighty Muggs figure, who most likely won't be able to transform into his police vehicle counterpart. (Though that would be totally cool and I would pay big bucks to see that.) As it stands, the Prowl Mighty Mugg will be sold for $15.99 at the convention, with a limited amount of figures available for release at hasbrotoyshop.com after the show's conclusion.

The second exclusive is a G1 reissue of Blaster, the Autobots' answer to Soundwave and one of my all-time favorite Transformers - how can you hate on that smooth operator as he calmly kicks butt and shouts at Decepticons: "No way, two can play!" The answer is, you can't. The Blaster figure comes with his tape cassette pals Steeljaw, Ramhorn and Eject, with the whole package sold for an estimated total of $49.99.Both figures will be available at the Hasbro Booth, number 3329 at Comic-Con.

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