It's the Friday before Halloweekend 2009 and, for whatever reason, that means I can force my passion for pugs upon you all with an image gallery dedicated to their ability to do things like keep the Earth safe from asteroids and alien invaders.

Just in case you're wondering, pugs were bread to fight crime by the ancient Order of the Pug beginning as early as 1349 on a heart-shaped island of love off the coast of Pugonia. That's why it just makes sense to put the things in costumes and dream about them saving you from pickpockets and stuff.

Just like the Gumby theme song says, "If you have a heart then pugs are a pal for you - especially because it's Halloween."

Just click "Read More," already, will ya? I don't need to justify it for you.Batman and Robin Pugs

If you've made it this far without collapsing from cute intake, give yourself a pat on the back!

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