With Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters now and an X-Men movie just around the corner, we are once again in the midst of the summer superhero movies, and that can mean only one thing: It's Infographic Season! Yes, we are once again at the mercy of those easily digestible fact sheets with slightly dubious information, designed to go viral just like some horrifying apocalyptic disease created in a lab by a mad scientist.

Oh c'mon, I'm kidding. But really, when you put something up and claim that it's "Every Costume Spider-Man Has Ever Worn," like Mashable did this week, you're just asking for some dork to come along and correct you. And today, my friends, I am that dork.


Spider-Man costume infographic, via Mashable


To be fair, the text of the article (the part that's not a picture you can see on your cousin's Facebook account) only refers to the graphic as "24 of Spider-Man's classic costumes," which is a more accurate summary, even if referring to Secret War as a classic is pushing it just a little. But, as someone who has himself written plenty of lists on the Internet that have been nitpicked for accuracy and things that were "forgotten," it is now my chance:

Um, actually, Mashable? You forgot...

Spider-Man Unlimited!


Spider-Man Unlimited


A completely bonkers animated series about Spider-Man stowing away on a spaceship to go to an alternate version of Earth dominated by the High Evolutionary so that he could fight Venom and Carnage. If Spider-Man 1602 counts (which he should, since that was the book where Jeff Parker introduced the idea of Ye Olde Spider-Man's webs going "thwippe!"), then surely that one counts.

And there's also the Slingers!


Slingers costumes


While not technically "Spider-Man costumes," they are in fact costumes Spider-Man wore, when he briefly took on four alternate identities before passing them on to a bunch of young heroes. The '90s were a hell of a time.

But, far more importantly, they left out the most important Spider-Man costume of all time: An Emissary From Hell! Supaidaman!


Supaidaman Costume


Takuya Yamashiro, Spider-Man's Japanese equivalent who battles Professor Monster's Iron Cross Army with the help of a giant robot and a sweet car, basically wears the standard Spidey costume, but with the addition "Spider-Bracelet" on his left wrist, which allows him to transform into his heroic alter ego. It was a gift from Garia, of Planet Spider.

And those aren't the only ones (although to be fair, the "Bag-Man" costume was in one issue and has been done to death ever since the Dreamcast days), but c'mon, Mashable. You knew what you were getting into with this.


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