Like virtually everyone else on the Internet, I enjoy a good chart breaking down my favorite pieces of pop culture into their components, cataloguing and organizing them for easy -- or at least well-designed -- reference. As a result, I tend to be a pretty big fan of the folks over at Pop Chart Lab, who have devoted their considerable graphic skills to doing exactly that. The only problem I've had with them is that their first attempt at organizing the names of Gotham City's population of villains and assorted weirdos had some glaring omissions.

Fortunately for me and that blank spot on my wall, they've corrected that in a second version, and it is amazing. Check it out to see where the names of Arkham and Blackgate's maladjusted miscreants fall, from the Joker (categorized under "Inanimate Objects" and specifically under "Playing cards") to the extremely obscure Gloves (under "Gloves").


Pop Chart Lab's Gotham Villains name taxonomy
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There are a lot of great things about this, but I think the single best thing about it -- or anything -- is that it includes my favorite super-obscure Batman villain, Johnny Karaoke, who travels with a running crew of backup singers in go-go dresses called the Geisha Grrls and sings hit songs into a microphone stand that is also a sword. He was created in 2007. He's on there under "Entertainers," presumably because "best villain ever" isn't actually a name category.

To grab this thing as a 12 x 16" print for a mere $20, head over to Pop Chart Lab.

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