Batman 75th Anniversary poster by Salvador Anguiano


This year's 75th Anniversary of Batman celebrations have resulted in some pretty great pieces of art from folks celebrating the Dark Knight's birthday. When artist Salvador Anguiano set out to draw a poster commemorating the event, he was faced with an interesting problem. With so many distinct eras of Batman, there was just too much to choose from. So he didn't.

Instead of picking one distinct Batman to highlight, Anguiano's poster features 75 different versions of Batman (or at least their heads) pulled from all across pop culture. Check it out below, and don't worry: there's a key.


Batman 75th Anniversary poster by Salvador Anguiano
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For the record, those "Battle for the Cowl" designs were the trickiest ones for me to recognize, but there are a lot of really great touches to this poster. LEGO Batman turning to look at the viewer is a nice little bit, and so are the famous Frank Miller lightning bolts behind the Dark Knight Returns versions, but I think my favorite is seeing the "Detective Mode" circle show up for the Arkham City variant.

For more, check out Anguiano at Behance!

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