R.M. Guera may be one of the more under appreciated artists in comics. Guera's gritty, European-influenced line work is ideal for his recent work on the comic adaptation of Django Unchained, as well as his most notable series, the award winning Scalped, which he co-created with Jason Aaron for Vertigo. And if you asked me what artist, who had previously never illustrated a Judge Dredd story, was best suited to offer his take on Mega-City One's top cop, Guera would have been one of the first names to come to mind.

So while it isn't a surprise, it's certainly welcome news that Guera will be illustrating a Judge Dredd short story, written by Rob Williams, in the pages of 2000 AD.

The story, titled "The Man Comes Around," will be published in Judge Dredd Magazine #344, available tomorrow, January 15. It will feature color work by Giulia Brusco, who previously colored Guera's pages on Scalped as well. In a press release, Williams talked about the opportunity to work with Guera, speaking highly of the Serbian artist: "Guera's work on Scalped was just masterful. I was delighted when he agreed to draw "The Man Comes Around." His sensibility added to Judge Dredd is a perfect match. It's a biblical western amidst the crazy of Mega-City One."

You can check out a few preview pages below.

Judge Dredd Magazine #344 will be available January 15, digitally via the 2000 AD iPad app and 2000 AD website, and in print at finer comic shops.