Red is a good look for lots of folks: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Superman. Still, it's a bit alarming to see Guy Gardner donned in the rage-based crimson of the Red Lanterns. (Doesn't he know redheads are supposed to avoid clashing?)

Over at DC's The Source blog, "Green Lantern Corps" editor Adam Schlagman explains it all:

"What could turn the most bad ass Green Lantern into a crimson spewing red one? Find out in Green Lantern Corps #42 (on-sale November 11th) as Guy Gardner experiences a tragedy so utterly terrible that he loses complete control in Green Lantern Corps #43 (December on-sale) leading to his selection by a red ring of rage. Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner!"

Now, I'm not sure about you, but there's only a few things I can see causing such a transformation in Guy's life. Either his back-from-the-dead girlfriend Ice gets, well, iced AGAIN (which I would find repetitive), all the beer in the universe gets stolen or DC editorial is talking to him about donning the Warrior persona again.

Pat Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi most likely have something way cooler in store, but I stand by my foolhardy conjecture!

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