I imagine that there are a lot of really great things about being named "Rampage Jackson," but chief among them has to be that when the inevitable time comes to lend your image to a new superhero comic, you don't even have to change the name. That, at least, seems to be the idea behind Lion Forge's upcoming Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier anthology, which casts the MMA fighter and actor as a superhero who battles evil alongside his faithful dog, Andronicus.

Also, he's a werewolf.

Also also, this comic is being produced by an amazing roster of creators, including writers Mike Baron and Barbara Kesel, artists Leonardo Romero and Fabiano Neves, and a cover by Dan Panosian. So basically, y'all might want to go ahead and get your Eisner votes for next year in now. Check out a few pages below!







And here's the official solicitation:

Larger-than-life MMA fighter Rampage Jackson faces his toughest opponents yet in this super-powered slug-fest; and this time the stakes are much higher than a championship belt!

Rampage Jackson has touched the lives of millions, and when one of them reaches out for help against a terrible threat, he swings into action. Rampage is different this time; with astonishing new super powers and his faithful dog, Andronicus, by his side, he must prepare for bone-crunching throwdowns in over-the-top adventures that take him around the world, to other worlds, and through time itself! An anthology of amazing self-contained stories, Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier marks the beginning of a bold new era of superhero fun!


by Fabian Nicieza, Mike Baron, Barbara Kesel, Tom Peyer, Martin Pasko, Adam Beechen, Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman, illo. by Leonardo Romero, Fabiano Neves
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
SRP: $17.99
Trim: 6.625 x 10.25
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Distributor: IDW Publishing
Pub Date: October 21, 2015
Diamond Item Code: AUG150459
ISBN: 978-1-63140-379-8