There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the upcoming Voltron: Legendary Defender show that DreamWorks is producing for Netflix. There's the nostalgia factor, of course, but there's also the fact that the showrunners, Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, are two of the people who brought us The Legend of Korra. But more than that, though, there's the very basic idea in play here. After all, Voltron is still the story of five robot lions that become a giant robot that has robot lions for hands and feet.

That, friends and neighbors, is a pretty weird premise, so if someone tells you that they're about to show you a story that was "too outlandish" for a series where that is the starting point, they're setting the bar pretty high. And that's exactly what Lion Forge is doing with the announcement of a five-issue series in continuity with the show, set to make its debut in July.

Seriously, that's what they're saying --- with "they" in this context being the show's head writer, Tim Hedrick:

“When the writers for Voltron Legendary Defender were coming up with episode ideas, there were some that were just too epic, too outlandish, too MUCH to be contained in a mere half-hour on the small screen,” said Hedrick. “Thanks to the good people at Lion Forge, one of those stories is now coming to the fans in five red hot issues.”

Hedrick will be co-writing the comic along with fellow show writer Mitch Iverson, and while no artist has been announced so far, each issue of the series will focus on one of the pilots of the five robot lions that form Voltron itself on a training mission that goes wrong. And if that wasn't enough, Lion Forge has also announced that it's going to publish a second in-continuity miniseries that follows later.

As for just what could be too outlandish for Voltron, I suppose we'll have to wait and see, although my guess is that we're going to find out that each of the five robot lions is itself made up of five robot lions, and that it's robot lions all the way down. Just a guess, though.

Khary Randolph
Khary Randolph


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