Richard Corben draws scary stuff. I mean, that's kind of his deal -- his work with Mike Mignola on Hellboy has produced some of the most genuinely frightening imagery in that series, including the Crooked Man, my pick for the most unsettling villain that Hellboy has ever fought. So with that said, it should come as no surprise that his new book, Rat God, is stocked up with some of the creepiest stuff I've ever seen.

Set in the forests outside Arkham, Massachusetts, the Lovecraftian horror story features art history, a hint of romance, and, no joke, one of the grossest and most disturbing covers I've ever seen -- and no, it's not the one above. Check out a preview below!







And now that you're sufficiently prepared, here's that super-unsettling cover:




Rat God is on sale from Dark Horse on February 4th at finer comic book stores everywhere.