It looks like Raven won't just be joining NetherRealm's Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game as a playable character. Today DC Collectibles announced that the daughter of Trigon will join its corresponding I:GAU 3.75" action figure line as part of a plastic pairing with the Flash, previously unveiled at Toy Fair 2013.

The (former?) Teen Titan comes decked out in her signature hooded cloak, and rocks boots, gauntlets and other accessories in the style of I:GAU's piped aesthetic. It doesn't appear that she'll come with an accessory demonstrating her transformation into a raven made of dark energy like we've seen in the game, however.

Raven and Flash join previously solicited I:GAU 2-packs pairing Green Arrow and Deathstroke, Aquaman and Black Adam, Superman and Nightwing, Cyborg and Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman with Solomon Grundy. That brings the total I:GAU 3.75" figure count to an even dozen so far, which is pretty substantial for a title that won't be in stores until April 16.

No word on a firm release date yet, but the figures will likely drop sometime in or after August.

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