Last week, NYCC gave us our first official look at the new Power Rangers movie: five teens happen upon alien artifacts that give them super ninja powers, which they must use to fight off evil. It all looks pretty Power Rangers-y, but also very serious. It’s the dark and gritty Power Rangers reboot nobody was asking for, but we’re getting one anyway. Luckily, we have YouTube, and an evil genius with enough time on their hands to recut the new trailer with footage from the original show.

This new trailer, courtesy of YouTuber Darth Blender, sends us back to the ultra-’90s era of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, with all the cheesy fighting, weird outfits, and questionable hairstyles of the age. For fans of the show, it’s a fun throwback to a more innocent era where being a superhero ninja was fun and villains looked silly and not every shot was tinged with Zack Snyder-esque dark gray.

If anything, this version of the trailer highlights how self-serious the upcoming movie looks. For a TV series about a bunch of teens fighting off bad guys in spandex suits while just trying to get through high school, it seems a very dark and dour reimagining. Not everything needs to be Chronicle or the Avengers or The Dark Knight! Superheroes are allowed to be fun and silly!

Then again, this is only the first full-length trailer we’ve seen, and we have yet to catch a glimpse of Zordon or Bill Hader’s Alpha 5, who is sure to provide some much-needed comic relief. And maybe serious is the way to go with this updated version, as audiences who aren’t as familiar with the show would probably be pretty turned off by a super cheesy movie.

Power Rangers opens in theaters March 24, 2016.


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