What does Donkey Kong have in common with the comic book kingdom? Not too too much, to be honest, until you account for his arrival on the custom action figure scene courtesy of a DC Universe Classics Gorilla Grodd action figure.

No, there isn't some mysterious crossover on the horizon from DC Comics and Nintendo pitting Donkey Kong against The Flash and Gorilla Grodd against the Mario brothers. Instead, you're looking at a custom made diorama depicting the old school days of "Donkey Kong" with some action figures clearly borrowing from the comic book toy chest. Kong, for example, is quite clearly a repainted Grodd, while Pauline appears to be a retooled Spider Woman from the Marvel Legends line. As for Mario? Your guess is as good as mine, but those arms look like Hasbro handiwork to me.

It's a nice crossover between comic book and video game - albeit an unexpected one - but now I can't help myself from thinking about the potential of a Kong and Grodd teamup![Game Sniped via Custom Action Figures]

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