Last month Dynamite Entertainment announced a relaunch of Red Sonja, with the new monthly series to be written by Gail Simone. The publisher also revealed plans to have the series' covers be created by a rotating cast of women artists. Today, Dynamite released all six covers for Red Sonja #1, including work from Fiona Staples, Amanda Conner, Colleen Doran, Nicola Scott, Stephanie Buscema, and Jenny Frison, and you can seem them all after the cut.Simone spoke about reaching out to each artist

"I had this idea to ask the top female artists in the industry to do the covers and Dynamite ran with it beyond my dreams. Not only did all the artists we asked immediately agree, they all confessed their secret love for Sonja. They adore her! Lots of the artists submitted multiple sketches because they couldn't stop, and many top names submitted sketches without even being asked, they love Sonja so much, and are dying to see this project."

Nicola Scott

Amanda Conner

Colleen Doran

Stephanie Buscema

Fiona Staples

Jenny Frison

Red Sonja #1, written by Simone and with interior art by Walter Geovanni, goes on sale in July.

[Via The Beat]

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