Artist community and marketplace RedBubble is holding a design contest for New York Comic Con 2011 in October. RedBubble is known for showcasing pop culture-inspired t-shirts designed by independent artists, many of which have been featured on TeeFury. The winning design will feature an original superhero or supervillain created by the designer, and will be available on a limited edition exclusive RedBubble t-shirt at New York Comic Con!

Click the jump for more information on how to get your original design featured on a NYCC-exclusive RedBubble t-shirt!

The Challenge:

Fancy having your own design featured at New York Comic Con? Of course you do, so you need to get your concentration hat on and read these words:

Your task is to create your very own, highly original, comic book character. Superhero or villain. Splendidly powerful, embarrassingly weak, or just quite good at chess. Give them skills you've always wanted or defects you've always dreaded. Give them a snappy name and stick them on a t-shirt.

What would your character wear? What's their calling card, weaponry or gadgetry? What's their story? What are they fighting for or against? It's up to you to answer these questions.

We'll then whip the winning design into a limited edition, official RedBubble/NYCC 2011 t-shirt to be featured, praised, discussed and given to hundreds of adoring comic fans in New York this October.

Rewards & Prizes

First Prize:

- Your winning design will be turned into a Limited Edition shirt to be featured heavily at New York Comic Con 2011, with poster art of your work and artist bio. 300 shirts of your design will be given away to lucky people who come and talk to us and seem nice

- US$200 in RedBubble vouchers

- A pretty exciting mystery prize we can't tell you about yet

Three Runners-up:

- US$100 in RedBubble vouchers, each

- Prime banner featuring on our fancy new RedBubble Facebook page

- The same 'pretty exciting mystery prize' that we still can't tell you about, even now.

Do you wield the mighty powers of t-shirt design? If so, head over to RedBubble to enter the New York Comic Con Design Challenge! Good luck!

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