If you're like most of us at ComicsAlliance, there's a good chance that you remember that fleeting year or so in the mid '90s when comic shops were overflowing with the heavily-decorated circular disks known as pogs, plus all of their prevalent slammer, mat and "pogtainer" accessories. Well, get stoked on a kind of resurgence next week as Regular Show #12 fills both physical and digital retailers with the flip-em-to-win-em items once again... only not quite the way you think. See how KC Green and artist Alison Strejlau have teamed to exploit your pogstalgia -- and, in many ways, warn a generation that hasn't experienced them of the wickendess of pogs -- with our first-look preview.

From Boom!'s official synopsis:

Mordecai, Skips, and the others have been challenged by the 90s to an ultimate game of Pogs in order to save Rigby! But can they defeat the '90s at its own game?

You can get a first look at five pages from Regular Show #12, plus all four of its variant covers by Matt Cummings, Felicia Choo, Jon Morris and Manuel Kilger below.

No, the issue itself doesn't include any pog pack-ins, but that sure does seem like a fine idea for the trade paperback or deluxe hardcover down the road... eh Boom!?

Seriously, please give us Regular Show pogs.