One of my earliest attempts at utilizing anecdotal correlations to fathom a baffling (at the time) situation involved my 3rd grade self blaming the failure of comic shops on pogs. I didn't know about the speculation bust and I actually loved foil variant covers, so it was easy for me to make a wrongheaded connection between the fall of many of my area's comic book stores and the milk cap filled tubes the gambling-prone kids at my elementary schools were lugging around at recess. Needless to say, I started to resent PogMan.

While today I have a grasp on the social and economic circumstances that helped drive the comic book industry into its '90s rough patch, I have to admit, Everything is Terrible's recently uploaded POG informational video has reignited my completely irrational scapegoating.

Pogs may not have disrupted my enjoyment of comic shops as much as TY's Beanie Babies did just a few years later, but they were certainly no less annoying. EiT's video reawakened the trauma of seeing slammers replace copies of signed "Spawn" comics in display cases across my suburban comics scene at a time when I thought Todd McFarlane could do no wrong. We all know better now - about everything - but a generation's (or at least my) resentment of Pogs lives on.


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