With a "Capture escaped bad guys with special new technology" premise, we already knew Toei's upcoming Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers anime would have at least a passing similarity to Pokémon. What we didn't know is that Bandai's collectible game associated with the series, known as "Bachicombat," would play out a lot like pogs. Yes, pogs!

Until now we'd only had early action figure photos to look at, but with the release of Bandai's new instructional video, the rules of Bachicombat have come alive in the Mighty Marvel Manner (as demonstrated by two cute kids).



It looks like bachicombat-ants lay out a few of their rounded triangular disks face-down on one side of an area divided into two halves (like a basketball court) and take turns tossing a slammer-like disk at the opposing player's collection in an attempt to flip theirs over. A Hulk-like "D-Smash!" battlecry is optional. Whoever flips the most disks firsts, wins the "battle."

The game is meant to simulate the plot of the show, which sees young kids who possess a unique "Biocode" summon heroes and villains trapped inside S.H.I.E.L.D. tech that Loki's turned against the Marvel Universe.

Biocode team-ups in the anime look to include Akira and his partner Iron Man, Hikaru and his partner Thor, Chris and his partner Captain America, Ed and his partner the Hulk and Jessica and her partner Wasp. A few of the character names seem to be nods to Marvel's movie actors, with Chris Evans playing Captain America and Edward Norton playing the Hulk.

Other characters can also be seen in the new video, including heroes like War Machine and even longtime Thunderbolts member, Fixer. New villains seen in this video include Green Goblin, Venom, Absorbing Man and a lizard-looking female villain, along with some other Lizard-ly looking guy.


Marvel Disk Wars Lizard Maybe


Bandai's new Bachicombat toys, along with other action figures, are set for release in April to coincide with the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers anime launching on April 2 on TV Tokyo and other affiliates in Japan. Still no word on whether the series is destined to come to America in one form or another.

[Via ANN/Bandai]

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