Reincar(Nate), created by writer Michael Moreci and artist Keith Burns, isn't about being haunted by your past, but by your past lives. A 102-page, full-color graphic novel, Reincar(Nate) follows private eye Nate McCoy as he tracks down a missing girl, battles a crime lord and deals with a gunshot wound to the head, all with the help of an old west cowboy and a vegas hitman - older versions of himself he was reborn from that no one else can see. Equal parts noir, comedy and supernatural thriller, Reincar(Nate) manages to smash all of these together to form a new, bizarre take on the down-on-his-luck gumshoe and the glowy bright light that awaits us when we die.

The first 24 pages of the comic already complete, Moreci is looking to the Kickstarter funding platform to raise $8,250 to pay his artist, colorist and letterer to complete the graphic novel, which will be made widely available via digital distribution. The remaining money is going towards funding an original printing to be distributed by Viper Comics, while any overage will go towards increasing the size of the print run and further reimbursing the creative team putting the book together.

Having already hit some of their goals, the Reincar(Nate) creators are currently giving the first 24 pages of the book away free as a PDF download. The project's remaining rewards offer the entire physical book (estimated to be completed in August of this year) for a $20 pledge, while higher levels can get your likeness drawn into the story, even with a speaking part, as well as the original art of the page on which you appear. So even if you can't live forever, at least your pretty face can.

We spoke with Reincar(Nate) writer Michael Moreci about the project and why he thinks it's worthy of your patronage.

Comics Aliiance: Can you give me a timeline of Reincar(nate) so far? Is it what you'd call a passion project?

Michael Moreci: Very much so. Keith and I started working on it over two years ago. Everyone knows how it goes with creator-owned projects, in that they pay no money up front. Because of this, we've both had to take jobs as they came along. Keith got opportunities to work with Garth Ennis and John McCrea on The Boys and its spinoffs, and I was pulled away doing Hoax Hunters. Granted, these are great problems to have, but, they kept Reincar(Nate) on the shelf.

The thing is, though, we believe in this book. We both love the work being done, and we're committed to bringing the highest quality to the finished product.

Case in point -- just a few months ago, we overhauled issue #1. After having it sit for some time, we looked at it and knew it could be better. Chris Beckett -- who deserves insane admiration -- redid all the colors to give it more of the Michael Mann/'80s noir we were looking for; I rewrote pieces of the script; Keith completely redrew certain panels. That's our level of dedication to getting this thing absolutely right.

CA: Why should people fund your book?

MM: It's hard to toot your own horn, but this is a damn good book that we're pouring our heart and soul into. I've said this before, but we are living in a very privileged age, in terms of the quality of comic sout there. I know there's so many great titles to choose from, but I really think Reincar(Nate) stacks up with them. It's a fun noir story with a unique hook, and it has been likened to Chew and Who Is Jake Ellis?, which is nice company to be in.

I think we're doing Kickstarter the way it was intended -- this book will not get printed if we don't hit our goal. It won't happen. And our goal is modest. We're not asking for a year's salary or some crazy amount. And the rewards are all centered around the book, plain and simple. Believe me, if you support Reincar(Nate), you'll be happy you did.

CA: What will you do if you don't hit your goal?

MM: The only answer I have is to turn to a life of petty crime. Don't make me turn to a life of petty crime! But seriously, I don't know. I might try to scrounge money and do a printing's hard to say. I'm anticipating making this thing work!

If you wish to learn more about Reincar(Nate) or make a pledge, click over to Kickstarter now.

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