The year was 1960, the place New York City. DC Comics had just published its newest issue of "Strange Adventures," (#112 if you must know!) when an inadvertent and completely made-up-by-me crossover between the two titans of the comic book industry came smashing through the city courtesy Iron Man's toned thighs and shiny red boots.

While Iron Man's signature red and gold look didn't debut in "Tales of Suspense" #48 until December of 1963 - almost three years after this issue featuring his feet in the form of a menacing size-changing spaceman, it's pretty awesome to know the NYC water was contaminated with enough sweet '60s mojo to produce such kick'n designs across time, space and company lines. It's no wonder really, given both titles were illustrated by legends of the industry. Gil Kane handled art on the "Strange Adventures" issue while Jack Kirby smashed walls in "Tales of Suspense."

I think I've just perfected a new hobby of looking for other characters' legs in comics that preceded their designs.

Join me!

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