Conan: The Barbarian has been a pretty easy movie to overlook this summer. It's not that Robert E. Howard's testament to manliness isn't awesome, it's just that compared to icons in the costumed crowd Conan can come across as more of an archetype than a character to the untrained novel/comic reader. It also hasn't helped that most of the Conan movie promos fans have seen haven't played up on the sex and violence that have made him famous. The Monocular Group has answered the call, however, with a remixed trailer that showcases only the most brutal footage, bolstering its bloody content with a very metal Dethklok jam and narrative captions that spell out the merits of hanging with The Barbarian in theaters starting August 19. After catching this clever (and NSFW) fan-made radvertisment, I must admit I am far more compelled to drag my friends to the film now. See if you feel the same after the jump.

[Via io9]