It's new comic book day today, and there's one issue hitting the stands that has special significance to us: "Resurrection" #8, from Oni Press. So what makes this particular issue of the post-apocalyptic comic by Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood so notable? Well, it just so happens to contain an 8-page backup comic called "Wolf" that was scripted by our very own Chris Sims (along with co-writer Chad Bowers and art by Rusty Shackles).

We've got a four-page preview of the story for you right now, and while this may be half the comic, it also cuts off right at a cliffhanger. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT WITH THE STUFF THAT HAPPENS? The only way to know is to buy the comic. Definitely not to just leaf through it in the store. That will not teach you anything.