I have long wanted to have my own theme sketchbook to bring to conventions for artist commissions, but I've never hit on quite the right idea. ComicsAlliance contributor David Wolkin put me to shame at the recent Comic-Con by coming up with an amazing idea: A "Rise of Arsenal" #3 theme sketchbook featuring Arsenal and a famous cat, a nod to the infamous issue where the one-armed Roy Harper suffers erectile dysfunction, takes heroin, and then beats up a bunch of dudes in an alley while he's high on smack to defend a cat corpse that he believes is his dead daughter.

My personal favorite is this entry by Tracie Mauk with dialogue by Kevin Church, which features a certain Ray Smuckles from the webcomic "Achewood":

Head to Wolkin's site for the more images from the sketchbook, which caused creator Chris Burnham to call him a "sick, sick man."

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