Guess What’s In Bizarro Arsenal’s Quiver? Dead Cats
We've talked about Rise of Arsenal before, notably the scene where Arsenal gets high on heroin and assaults of bunch of people in order to protect the corpse of a cat that he believes is his dead daughter. It's a scene that has prompted more than a few jokes, but one of the best ones we've seen came in this week's Supergirl #57 by Sterling Gates and Bernard Change, where a Bizarro version of the J
This ‘Rise of Arsenal’ Cat Themed Sketchbook Totally Rules
I have long wanted to have my own theme sketchbook to bring to conventions for artist commissions, but I've never hit on quite the right idea. ComicsAlliance contributor David Wolkin put me to shame at the recent Comic-Con by coming up with an amazing idea: A "Rise of Arsenal" #3 theme sketchbook featuring Arsenal and a famous cat, a nod to the infamous issue where the one-armed Roy Harp
Worst of the Worst: ‘Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #3′
The thing about modern comics criticism is that the immediacy of the Internet makes it easier than ever to base reviews around a first impression. Believe me, I'm as guilty of it as anyone, but shades of grey tend to be replaced by snap judgments that play to the extremes, leading to titles quickly being deemed the best or worst comic ever printed on a weekly basis...