Some of British illustrator Robert Ball's superhero and sci-fi artwork looks like it came off of a Hallmark card rendered in the "Star Fox" universe, but that's an awesome thing, particularly given the results in his pop meets Picasso takes on Galactus and Hellboy. His Judge Dredd and Batman do get a little more organic with their lines, but they're no less enjoyable.

Ball keeps feeds of his new Doctors and other characters on Posterous and Flickr, where his Galactus bears a striking resemblance to Andross. Likewise, Ball's Thor and Superman keep it simple, but his Darth Vader seems to be the kind of guy you could strike up a conversation with at your local coffee shop.

At least three Doctors, the Silver Surfer and a few planets made it into our highlight reel of Ball's work, which you can sift through for your own top picks below:

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