If Robert Ball's polygon-laced Thor, Galactus and Doctor Who art made you smile, you should know that he has been up to a lot more in the past year. In addition to steamrolling through a series of bad-guy faces, he has also been putting out some stunningly creative vector (and other art style) renderings, including a fantastic portrait of Wolverine that makes Ol' Canucklehead look like he's ready to jump into a level from Out of this World or FX Fighter.Jumping into Ball's Flickr account is one of the best things you can do with your internet time today if you have a few minutes. It's loaded with Joker, Avengers and Colombo (yes, Colombo!) action that is sure stimulate your digital art pleasure center.

Other standouts in there include his Dr. Doom and Elektra, which look nice enough to be hanging on gallery walls. Embrace all of the the elegance and simplicity down below.