Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead may have wondered whether Frank Darabont's possible writing staff overhaul would affect the quality of the series' upcoming second season, but TWD creator Robert Kirkman seems to have put any worries to rest in an interview with via his signature brand of Kirkman calm.

"Everybody knows what they're doing," Kirkman told "AMC has done a few television shows before, and Frank Darabont is a professional. Whatever is decided, I don't think it will affect the show one way or another."

Kirkman expressed some frustration regarding the way the possibility of a writing staff shakeup was reported as it didn't reflect on the full scope of AMC or the show's situation. According to Kirkman, TWD executive producer Charles "Chic" Eglee has left the show on legitimate terms to pursue other projects after Darabont decided to stay on for a second season. Additionally, the writing staff hasn't been fired, and the decision to hire freelancers hasn't yet been made.

"It's kind of unfortunate that it's being reported that our writing staff has been fired because that's not the case," Kirkman told "It makes Frank look bad. I don't think Frank wants it out there that he's just firing people off of a successful show seemingly for no reason."

Whatever writing staff situation TWD shambles along with in its 13-episode long second season, fans shouldn't have too much to worry about as long as whoever pens the scripts is still drawing from the catalog of essentially 80 (and counting) comic book storyboards by Kirkman and artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

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