Robin's had a hard time of things lately. After Batman went all *Omega Beam Sound!* in Grant Morrison's "Final Crisis" last year, Tim Drake got broody and has since been on a mission to prove Bruce Wayne is alive (because, well, there's a caveman acting a lot like him in the past).

But for those with nostalgia for the good old days when Buce was kickin' it Batman style, Super Punch has a sweet post featuring a picture created by Worth 1000 user Jesselively of an actual robin decked out in Tim Drake's last Robin suit.

It's a super cute way to personify the former Boy Wonder's old look before he vaulted into Red Robin status and got grim, and since he's still sporting the word word "Robin" in his name, there's hope for more Photoshops.

I wouldn't be much of an amigo, though, if I didn't mention that ComicsAlliance contributor Eric Drumm had the same notion to fuse bird with Boy Wonder a few years back, even going so far as to tatto the image on his arm!

That's some straight robin lovin', brothers and sisters.