In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the cinematic debut of RoboCop, NECA is paying homage to the franchise in what's possibly the most legit manner conceivable. No, they aren't erecting a statue -- they're releasing a 7" glow-in-the-dark RoboCop action figure at Toys R Us. How is that the most legit? Well, it just so happens this "Night Fighter" RoboCop is the spiritual descendant of Kenner's 1989 RoboCop Ultra Police toy line, which was itself a tie-in to RoboCop: The Animated Series. This new Night Fighter may not fire caps on its back like the original or come fitted with a gatling gun arm and dazzling blue chrome, but that does nothing to diminish the sheer radness of a movie-style glow-in-the-dark cyborg toy. Pricing info isn't currently available, but it's safe to assume it will sell for around the same $15-16 TRU price point as NECA's current other RoboCop offerings. Check out images of NECA's upcoming glow-in-the-dark Night Fighter Robocop figure, along with a video of the Kenner original in action after the cut.

[Via NECA]

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