Last week, a Twitter user suggested to Detroit mayor Dave Bing that the city should build a statue of RoboCop, the title character of Paul Verhoeven's 1987 award-winner for Best Movie Ever. After all, if Philadelphia can have a statue of Rocky Balboa, then surely the Motor City can celebrate a fictional character of their own, especially one that's part man, part machine, and all cop.

Unfortunately, Mayor Bing gave the idea a total brush-off on his Twitter account, shooting it down not unlike the ruthless Clarence Boddicker. But that's where the Internet comes in. Thanks to the magic of Kickstarter, the nonprofit Imagination Station Detroit has stepped in to raise money for a seven foot-tall statue of RoboCop, resurrecting the idea just like OCP did with Alex Murphy.

Only, you know, slightly less megalomaniacal. We hope.We here at ComicsAlliance are behind it 100%, especially because they're using the Anomalies' fittingly titled Amazing RoboCop Rap (NSFW language) as the theme song:

We want to live in a world where a statue of RoboCop is a thing that not only exists, but was funded by the people for no other reason than it's an awesome thing that makes people happy.

And it's looking good for Robo. Not only has Imagination Station donated a piece of land in Detroit's Roosevelt Park as RoboCop's new home, but as of this writing, the Detroit Needs a Statue of RoboCop campaign has raised over $10,000 of their $50,000 goal in only two days, with 43 left to go. Guys. This is going to happen.

But it's only going to get there if people donate, so if you want to see an awesome tribute to the idea that humanity, individuality and justice can overcome crass consumerism and corporate crime, check out to help out with a donation.

In other words: Your move, creep.

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