Artist Denis Medri created a series of 1950s-inspired redesigns of characters from Gotham City, transforming Batman's friends and foes into a stylish cast of rockabilly vigilantes, varsity team sidekicks, and sinister Teddy Boys. From Bruce Wayne's Batmobile-styled hot rod to Catwoman's Bettie Page-invoking getup, Gotham has never looked this darn peachy keen.

Pulling inspiration from the '50s and pop culture, Medri's rendition of Gotham City is an absolute delight that successfully fuses nostalgia with the Bat-Universe. Barbara Gordon's redesign pulls directly from Grease, translating the dynamic between Barbara and her alter-ego as Batgirl by borrowing fashion cues from Sandy's wardrobe. Likewise, Medri's interpretation of Two-Face resembles a split personality between Happy Days' Richie Cunningham and an evil Fonzie, while The Riddler greatly resembles 3-D from Back to the Future.

Although most of these redesigns contain a degree of costuming elements with the masks and cowls, Medri's illustrations serve as fine examples of how to adapt the signature styling elements of the Bat-family and Arkham's finest into casual yet unique cosplay options, if not wearable retro street fashion. The Nightwing varsity jacket serves as a great styling update to the classic superhero emblem t-shirt, with letterman jackets being on-trend over the past couple of years. The restyling of Harley Quinn and Two-Face are a fine example of the striking effects that simple color-blocking, layers, and pattern mixing can have when coordinating an ensemble.

Rockabilly Batman & Batmobile Hot Rod

Nightwing & Robin

Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, & Alfred


The Joker

The Riddler & Harley Quinn [

Poison Ivy & Bane

Two-Face & The Penguin

Killer Croc & Mr. Freeze