In all my life, I never thought there would come a time when the Batmobile would be able to face off against Doc Brown's time-traveling DeLorean in a fevered game of turbo-boosted car soccer. But here I am typing out that very sentence, knowing full well that on March 8, that very thing will be possible when Rocket League adds the new Batmobile from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to its roster.

Now if you're not familiar with Rocket League, at its core it's game in which teams of three cars play indoor soccer. It's fast, frantic, and one of the most joyous video games to release in the last few years. Anyone can pick up an play, which is great, but there's also a tremendous amount of depth and strategy when it comes to high level play. Seriously, go watch a few highlight videos. Now imagine all of that, but with the Batmobile. That sound like something you might be interested in?

Even though I like my Batmobiles to have a little more grounded realism in their design, this new one isn't entirely awful. The long body and small cockpit at the rear pay tribute to the Burton-era vehicles, and the slimmed down frame ditches the bulkiness of the Tumblr from the Nolan-verse. That streamlined, aerodynamic chassis should make the Batmobile the perfect new addition to Rocket League's expanding roster of cars. I also like the metallic blue highlights added to make it look more like a sports car. It really pops against the rest of the car's gun metal grey frame.

The Batmobile won't have any advantages over the other cars as far as stats go, but I'm eager to see just what kind of strengths the shape will offer. Rocket League's cars all effectively work the same, but the range of shapes and sizes offer varying hit boxes that can make all the difference when flying through the air hoping to connect with the bouncing ball. Without seeing the Batmobile in action against other cars, it's hard to say just how it will fit into the mix, but damn if it doesn't look good flying around the pitch in that footage.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack will be available on March 8 for all platforms where Rocket League is currently available to play for $1.99. In addition to the Batmobile, there will be new custom antenna flags for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman which you can adorn on any car in your stable.

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