On sale this week from IDW Publishing is Rocketeer Adventures (vol 2) #4, concluding another all-star anthology miniseries of short-form comics starring The Rocketeer Cliff Secord and his girlfriend Betty. Created by the late Dave Stevens, The Rocketeer offers creators a platter of uncommon beauties with which to work --the gorgeous pre-war period and associated Americana, the masterful Rocketeer character design, and the stunning Betty, modeled after pin-up legend Bettie Page -- making Rocketeer Adventures essential reading for fans of great illustration.

The new issue comes with contributions from Darwyn Cooke, David Mandel, J. Bone, J.K. Snyder III and John Byrne. Perhaps most auspiciously, the issue opens with a story by comics legends Louise and Walt Simonson, featuring inks by Bob Wiacek, colors by Jordie Bellaire and letters by John Workman. Check out a few pages below.

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