As we reported on ComicsAlliance last week, Rosario Dawson has joined the cast of the Netflix Daredevil TV show in a guest role -- but Marvel won't say who she's playing. Bleeding Cool guessed Elektra. Our own Matt D. Wilson suggested Milla Donovan. Multiversity Comics put their money on Maya Lopez. Speculation is rife, and nobody really knows anything.

The only clues we have to go on are Dawson herself -- a New Yorker in her mid-30s with Afro-Caribbean roots -- and a brief description of her role; "a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen brings Matt Murdock unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city."

It seems a little odd that Marvel wouldn't say who Dawson is playing. It may be that the role gives too much away about the story, or that there's a bigger announcement planned, or it may just be that Marvel and Netflix enjoy the attention they get when sites like ours run articles like this. So let's give them what they want! Who could Rosario Dawson play?


    Frank Miller

    Who? Assassin and love interest. You can tell she's in love with Daredevil because of the heartbreaking sais.

    Does she fit? She's the obvious candidate if you discount the "heal the wounds of Hell's Kitchen" thing, which doesn't sound like assassin business at all. Still, Elekta is such an important character in Daredevil's adventures that she must be in the show. Unless the memories of that Jennifer Garner movie are just too much to bear.

    Is it likely? Dawson would be great in the role -- but she'd be great in any role, and there are others I'd rather see her play. Besides, why would Marvel keep such a major character announcement under wraps? (Red wraps. Long red streaming wraps.)

    Elektra created by Frank Miller

  • MARY

    John Romita Jr.

    Who? Another assassin who courted our hero -- but thanks to her dissociative identity disorder, she dated Matt as Mary Walker and nearly killed Daredevil as the villainous Typhoid Mary.

    Does she fit? Healing wounds is an apposite phrase given Mary's mental health problems, and Mary was a sweet-natured pacifist, so she could be introduced as, say, a social worker on the show. But she was an actor in the comics.

    Is it likely? Elektra and Typhoid Mary are two of the best Daredevil opponents -- but their stories are just similar enough that I don't think we'd get both. If Dawson is Typhoid Mary, they may want to conceal the fact by calling her something else in her "nice" identity, which would explain keeping her role a secret.

    Typhoid Mary created by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr.

  • MAYA

    David Mack

    Who? Another iteration of the woman who falls for Matt but tries to kill Daredevil under the Kingpin's supervision. This time she's Echo, a deaf martial artist who thinks Daredevil killed her father.

    Does she fit? If Marvel cast a Latina actor so she could play a Latina character, Maya half fits the bill -- but her father was Native American. Nothing else about the character is an obvious match.

    Is it likely? If the TV show is going to do the romance-ssassination thing once, Echo seems like she's third in line. If they're going to do it three times... well, that would be pretty great, actually. I'd watch a show in which Matt Murdock's new girlfriend tries to kill him every episode.

    Echo created by David Mack and Joe Quesada.


    Javier Rodriguez

    Who? An assistant district attorney who dated Matt Murdock and never went crazy or tried to murder Daredevil. Love can be so confusing.

    Does she fit? Kirsten is definitely someone who'd want to fix up Hell's Kitchen, and she offers a more sober romantic interest for Matt -- sparring over the law rather than on rooftops. Not the most dynamic character for Dawson to play, but the scenes could shine if the actors have chemistry, and the character would add dimension to the legal side of the show.

    Is it likely? Introduced in 2011, Kirsten is perhaps not well-established enough to bring to the screen -- even Maria Hill was better established when she made it to the screen. Then again, Marvel may want to favor recent stories over classics.

    Kirsten created by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera.


    Alex Maleev

    Who? A blind woman who was briefly married to Matt Murdock. He was crazy when they got married. She went crazy when she ended it. It wasn't a great time for anyone.

    Does she fit? Milla works in public housing, so she's definitely the do-gooder type, and as Matt Wilson mentioned, "crashing" could refer to how Matt and Milla meet; in the comics he saves her from being hit by a car, and they crash through a window.

    Is it likely? Matt Murdock has had some turbulent romances -- and yet I'm not sure his one marriage makes the top five. It might be a nice gesture to Bendis to put his creation on the screen, but I doubt she's a character anyone else is clamoring for.

    Milla created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.


    Bill Everett

    Who? Matt Murdock's secretary, who became his on-and-off love interest -- before spiralling into drug addiction and adult movie stardom. She became the second of Daredevil's lovers to die at Bullseye's hands -- and the first not to come back.

    Does she fit? Karen is a major figure with a long history in the Marvel Universe -- she debuted in Daredevil #1 in 1964, and she's essentially DD's Gwen Stacy. But nothing about the description for Rosario's role feels like an obvious fit for the character.

    Is it likely? If Karen is in the show, she'd make more sense as core cast than as a special guest star, especially if her whole tragic arc is going to be built up and broken down.

    Karen Page created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett.


    Valerio Schiti

    Who? Ava is the fifth incarnations of White Tiger; a superhero with enhanced physical powers bestowed by a mystic amulet. Angela was her immediate predecssor in the same role.

    Does she fit? This is a tricky one. Though a very new character, Ava is already one of Marvel's most prominent Latina heroes thanks to her presence in Mighty Avengers and a recurring role in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. She's also a teenager with no strong ties to Daredevil. Her niece Angela was introduced in the pages of Daredevil, an FBI agent-turned-superhero. Angela is actually older than Ava, and a better fit for Dawson -- but an odd character to bring to the screen given that she's already been superceded in the comics.

    Is it likely? Surely not. White Tiger is not an important part of Daredevil's story, and magic hasn't yet been properly introduced into Marvel's Cinematic Universe. A mystic amulet in a street level crime show seems like an unlikely place to bring it in.

    Ava created by  by Christos Gage and Tom Raney. Angela created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.


    John Byrne

    Who? A New York cop turned private investigator, with a cyborg arm. Often teamed with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Especially Iron Fist. (In bed.)

    Does she fit? Misty lost her arm in the line of duty and became a PI rather than settle into a desk job, so, yeah, I'd say she's a dedicated woman who wants to heal the city. And let's be blunt; Rosario Dawson as a badass cyborg detective would be... maybe the greatest thing ever to happen in the history of television. Rosario as Misty >>> moon landing.

    Is it likely? Misty isn't really a Daredevil supporting character -- but maybe that's why Dawson is only a special guest on his show. Dawson as Misty could play a bit part here and a bigger part in the Iron Fist show that follows -- and maybe that's why they won't tell us who she's playing. I don't know if this is what will happen -- but I'm damn sure it's what should happen.

    Misty Knight created by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones.