Here’s some news that’ll make you raise an eyebrow: An interesting rumor regarding Deadpool 2 began circulating over the weekend, specifically regarding the casting of Cable, the villainous character teased in the Deadpool post-credits scene. Stephen Lang, Dolph Lundgren and Ron Perlman have all tossed their hat in the ring for the part, but if this new report is true, then Fox may be taking a slightly different approach to the character.

During the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press, Jeff Sneider revealed that there’s been one name mentioned repeatedly in connection to the role of Cable: Kyle Chandler. Yes, as in that Kyle Chandler — the former Friday Night Lights star and everyone’s favorite imaginary dad. It’s certainly not the most obvious choice for Cable, the silver-haired, muscular mutant who appeared opposite Deadpool in a comic book series that ran for 50 issues.

Stephen Lang would be the more obvious choice, and though the Avatar star lobbied for the Deadpool 2 role, his commitment to James Cameron’s sequels has taken him out of the running. Ron Perlman and Dolph Lundgren have also expressed interest in playing Cable, and both of those guys definitely look the part, but if Fox is going for someone like Kyle Chandler, perhaps the studio is looking to subvert expectations.

Sneider cautions that he’s merely heard Chandler’s name in relation to the role, and that no official talks have taken place as of yet, but at the very least, it gives us a good idea of what Fox is after.

In related news, Sneider says that the studio is also looking to cast Domino, another mutant character who — like Cable — is a part of the X-Force team. Fox has been developing an X-Force movie for quite some time, with Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow previously attached to write the screenplay. We’ve heard rumors about Domino’s involvement in both Deadpool 2 and X-Force, so that’s not really news; what is news is Sneider’s claim that Fox has considered Halt and Catch Fire star Mackenzie Davis for the role.

Again, there’s nothing official on the table, and Deadpool 2 doesn’t even have an official release date as of yet. Ryan Reynolds is set to reprise his role for the sequel, with original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and director Tim Miller also returning.


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