In the aftermath of celebrating the return of the Fearsome Four in their new Fear Itself miniseries, you might easily have forgotten that Red Mass for Mars and Halcyon artist Ryan Bodenheim is going to be contributing to the book. That's completely understandable, but you do need to be aware that this guy can draw.Over on Bodenheim's deviantART account, he's laid out a few pics of the Punisher, Cable, Batman and some other subjects. He's got a squishy kind of Frank Quitely meets Geof Darrow vibe to a lot of his figures, but he's also awesome at stuffing in some whimsical details into his work as he sees fit.

If fact, you should definitely click to enlarge as much as possible while viewing his pencils. His Fantastic Four/Galactus page and Batman/Superman portraits ooze ultra-dense textures and linework all over the place. Have fun getting lost in those and some other fine specimens from his portfolio below.

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