Remember back in elementary school when teachers would have you trace your hand to depict the shape of a turkey in honor of Thanksgiving? They'd have you make mods by adding a beak and an eye and that little gross thing that's attached to a turkey's beak - y'know, a wattle - and then color it the many colors of the traditional entree.

Invincible and Haunt artist Ryan Ottley had a better idea, however, posting his own version of this craft classic on his blog featuring what could only be described as the ol' Ottley touch:

I've seen a few other artists put their spin on this design before, but Ottley's registers as pretty unique in my book. And although I don't question his own bountiful creativity, from the looks of the bird I wouldn't doubt it if frequent collaborator Robert Kirkman had written the turkey's beating - great minds beat up their protagonists alike.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ryan!

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