One of the big questions surrounding that standalone Ben Affleck Batman movie is whether they will bring a version of Robin into the fold. Thanks to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we know that the character of Robin exists in the DC Cinematic Universe, but the level of violence in that film seemed at odds with the more lighthearted camaraderie that comes with an adolescent sidekick. Then again, a recent interview with DC Films’ Geoff Johns described Batman as a less grim figure going forward. Could Robin play a key role in making DC’s Batman more of a superhero and less of a vigilante in a cape?

One thing is for certain: actor Ryan Potter isn’t afraid to throw his name into the hat before there’s even a hat to choose from. Potter, the star of Big Hero 6 and Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas television series, recently uploaded a stunt reel where he plays Batman sidekick Tim Drake. Potter is no stranger to fight choreography and martial arts. In interviews, the actor has talked about his lifelong study of White Tiger Kung-Fu, a variant of the traditional form that has gained popularity in recent years. The video ends with Potter turning to the camera and making his plea directly to Ben Affleck himself: “Hey Ben: Like Tim said, Batman needs a Robin.”

Will Potter’s self-published audition tape work? We’ve certainly seen actors and filmmakers curry favor with the public by uploading a workout video or demo reel; the gold standard for this is, of course, the Deadpool VFX footage that the creative team leaked on YouTube in an effort to get that film made. If Potter’s video gains enough traction with fans, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Warner Bros. at least make a big show of meeting with the actor, and we all know that anything is possible once you get your foot in the door for an interview. For my money, Potter seems to have the charisma and the physical prowess necessary to play the role. Even if he doesn’t get to play Tim Drake, some casting director somewhere is going to take note of his Batman demo reel.

I’m not completely sold on the idea that all versions of Batman need a Robin  —  Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan gave us five whole Batman movies that proved otherwise  —  but if this version of Batman can undo the damage done to the character by the Joel Schumacher films, that would go a long way towards restoring their image with fans. What do they have to lose?