Sabrina the Teenage Witch has been having a rough couple of years. These days, her most pressing concerns revolve around things like inadvertently causing a zombie apocalypse that resulted in the complete destruction of Riverdale, and, just across the border in another parallel universe, trying to avoid being sacrificed to Lovecraftian horrors and get Harvey Kinkle to notice her. But that wasn't always the case.

It used to be that Sabrina's magic was a little less apocalyptic and a little more inconvenient, as evidenced by Archie's latest digital collection, Sabrina's Haywire Hexes. The 150-page collection drops this Friday, full of stories about Sabrina's magic backfiring on her in ways that, generally speaking, do not result in the dead rising from their graves. Check out a preview of two stories below!






And here's the official solicitation:

Sabrina’s Haywire Hexes (DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE)

Sabrina is an accomplished witch, but she sometimes messes up a spell or two. When it comes to magic, though, one slight mistake could mean your boyfriend turns into a chimp, or pudding rains from the sky! Zap open this digital exclusive collection of Sabrina’s greatest gaffs and see if she can clean up her mess before any mortals discover her secret!

Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
On Sale Date: 10/9
150-page, full color comic
$5.99 U.S.


Let's see here, we've had Sabrina, Jughead's Time PoliceArchie's Mysteries and Cheryl Blossom as part of the line, so maybe now, at long last, we can finally get a digital collection of all the stories about Cricket O'Dell, Veronica's cousin who can smell money.

Consider that an official request.

Sabrina's Haywire Hexes in on sale October 9 at Comixology.


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