Any child of the nineties should have a soft spot for New Zealand actor Sam Neill. Not only did Neill help launch one of the biggest franchises in film history in Jurassic Park, he also played a key part in the first Jack Ryan adaptation (Hunt of the Red October), anchored a brilliant science-fiction horror movie (Event Horizon), and helped turn Jane Campion’s The Piano into one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 1993. And now, after a long and storied career in film and television, Neill is finally getting the recognition he so rightly deserves: he’s been given a small role in a Marvel movie.

Yesterday, during an interview with Shortlist (via Collider), Sam Neill broke the news that he he will have a small appearance in Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok:

I’m not really allowed to say this and I can’t tell you what it is… I did a couple of days on Thor just before I came over here. If I say anything else, Marvel’s secret agents — and they are lethal — will come and get me and probably my children, as well.

Since director Taika Waititi and Neill recently worked together on Hunt for the Wilderpeople, it’s easy to write this off as a Whedon-esque decision by a Marvel director to bring a past collaborator into a new project. However, in previous interviews  —  such as this one with BuzzFeed  —  Waititi has spoke openly of his desire to hire local New Zealand talent wherever possible. Waiti’s decision to cast Neill not only adds another venerable actor to an already impressive cast, it also has the added benefit of showcasing the strength of the New Zealand film industry.

Whatever part Neill will play in the finished film, there’s no doubt in my mind that Thor: Ragnarok will be a better movie for having him. Keep an eye peeled for Neill’s character when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.