You may have seen Sam Wolfe Connelly's work this past year on the cover of Amory Wars #9 or elsewhere. His soft, atmospherically intense style delivers a lot of subtlety without crowding his canvas. In fact, it's probably not a stretch to say that his art should appeal to James Jean fans with its deceptively simple compositions.The wide-eyed characters in his online portfolio and Tumblr feed all look like they were ripped right off of Fables covers. He's a brilliant illustrator with a lot to show off, from hight-tech suit designs to Playboy contributions.

There's even a car show poster in there that looks like it could be a Vertigo cover. View a few of his pieces at full resolution, and you'll definitely want to see more. With talent like his, that shouldn't be a problem, though. We can't wait to see where he shows up next.

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