Gather round, friends, for a story of the distant past. Once upon a time, you could rely on Konami to produce a new Castlevania game almost every year, taking the Belmont clan through the strange, side-scrolling creature of chaos that was Dracula's castle. Sadly, it seems like those days are over. Even with 2014's bizarre Dracula-in-Modern-Times Lords of Shadow 2, we haven't gotten a proper "classic" installment since 2010, and with Konami's move away from console gaming, it doesn't seem like we're going to get one any time soon.

If, however, you still have love in your heart for the act of beating the undead into dust with a whip -- and who doesn't? -- then I have some pretty great news. The folks over at Mondo have apparently decided to expand into the world of video games, and they're doing it with a series of new prints (unveiled by Mashable) that includes a pair of Konami Classics: Silent Hill by Silent Hill by Sam Wolfe Connelly, and Castlevania by Becky Cloonan.


Art by Becky Cloonan


The limited release of the prints comes ahead of a few more Konami products from Mondo, including a vinyl pressing of the Castlevania soundtrack that'll be available at San Diego. These prints, however, will be making their debut (and almost certainly selling out) at Emerald City Comicon this weekend. Each poster comes in both the a standard version and a blood-red variant, so if you're interested, and if your walls aren't already covered with Mondo's other pretty amazing posters, you can pick them up at Booth 4132.

And, y'know, grab one for me, I've got a birthday coming up.


Art by Sam Wolfe Connelly
Sam Wolfe Connelly