Oni Press had a good eye when they picked up Sarah Oleksyk's graphic novel Ivy. She's got a look that manages to capture the true-to-life accuracy of poses and facial expressions the way someone like Laurenn McCubbin can, while still letting her characters mug and pose with the kind of comic energy and physicality that Ryan Kelly excels at. Throw in the fact that she can draw a mean three-headed pug and a unicorn taunting a little girl with a donut on its horn, and she's instantly piqued our interest. [Assistant Editor's Note: Please excuse my own shameless pug inclusion]

Oleksyk's got a wide range of examples ranging from the casual to the fantastic in her online portfolio at SarahOleksyk.com. Many of her works are available as prints in the creator's online store, although most are currently sold out. Looking at them, it's easy to understand why. She's also got a fun collection of short stories posted there in webcomic form that are well worth any avid comic reader's time.

Scroll on down and you'll find a few choice images that stuck out for us. We're looking forward to seeing more: