We've poked our share of fun at the $65+ million Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark for its music, costumes, content and delays, but when it comes to satirizing the show's growing list of injuries, this past weekend's Saturday Night Live beat us to the punch. It's probably for the best considering aerialist Kevin Aubin's broken wrists, another actor's broken foot and Arachne actress Natalie Mendoza's concussion from being hit in the head by a rope aren't so much funny as kinda awful. SNL's "Weekend Update" segment managed to make light of the situation with class, though, and even threw in a couple of attempted Spidey smooches.In the segment, WU host Seth Meyers is joined by Andy Samberg as "Ryan Christopher," the fourth Spider-Man understudy who took over costumed performances after "the first one broke his wrists, then the next guy shattered his leg and then the last guy just exploded."

While "Christopher" didn't seem to excel at his planned flips for the show, Samberg's Spider-Man movie-inspired smooch attempts on Seth Meyers are hopefully a reflection of how serious Turn Off the Dark's producers are working to prevent further injuries and embrace the healing power of love... or something.

See SNL's satire below: