You may remember WGN America as the national cable channel where you could watch The Bozo Show, find out about Chicago's often-terrible weather, and watch a huge number of Cubs games, but it's soon to become a channel with original, hour-long dramas, just like every other cable channel on TV. Among its upcoming shows is a TV adaptation of Scalped, the hugely acclaimed Vertigo series by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera with covers by Jock that follows FBI agent Dashiell Bad Horse as he goes undercover to bring down a crime ring at the Native American Reservation where he grew up.

Doug Jung, writer of the movie Confidence and quite a few episodes of the undercover-cop series Dark Blue, will write the show's script.

Scalped, like quite a few other finite Vertigo series, told its story in 60 issues. It seems hard to believe that the comics story could sustain more than one season of a TV show, but TV writers have certainly been known to pad out a story to keep a show going, and we know from the example of iZombie that the TV versions of Vertigo comics can end up looking distinctly different from the source material.

WGN America's first original drama, Salem, which focuses on the witch trials in the town of the same name, premieres Sunday. For a few years in the late 1990s, WGN America broadcast The WB programs nationally; now, WGN in Chicago (a separate station from WGN America) remains the city's CW affiliate.

No premiere date for Scalped has yet been announced. Other Vertigo titles currently on their way to the small screen include DMZ, Preacher and Constantine, based on the Hellblazer comic.

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