Like it or not, you have to admit that there were many bizarre circumstances involved in the life of the Michael Jackson. And so it's not surprising that his passing would also leave its share of bizarre events, rippling out into the world in a kind of shockwave of the strange.

One of the people touched by said ripples has been webcomic creator John Allison. Allison's long-running Scary Go Round launched a new storyline on June 6th, featuring a character bearing a striking resemblance in appearance, speech pattern and behavior to the late lamented King of Pop. And so with a new update today, Allison greeted readers with the following statement:

"The last thing anyone expects, when they have introduced a character who is a kind of grotesque version of a world superstar, is for that superstar to die. It is entirely possible that Michael Jackson sat down to read Scary Go Round yesterday, began to turn slowly purple at what he saw, and collapsed clutching his arm. Actually I know that isn't true. Jackson was on record (citation needed) as more of a Dresden Codak man. As much as some of the comics of the next few weeks may seem a kind of unpleasant cash-in, I drew them weeks ago. I had written and thumbnailed my comics up to July 22nd when the King of Pop turned his toes up."

So it just goes to show, when lampooning an international superstar, there's more to worry about than just libel suits.

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